logo mavIts task is the protection of the assets of the complete infrastructure, the increase of investments, the fluent development of the railway as a whole and the concentration of the forces of the independent subsidiaries.
The modernization of a railway line of a total length of nearly 350 kilometers is in progress in the frame of eight separate projects, mainly on the lines, which constitute a part of the Hungarian sections of the Pan-European corridors. The first realized result of the development of the suburban railway is the direct railway link running to the terminal Ferihegy 1.

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logo mavstart

MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Co. was created on 1 July 2007 through the reorganization of the Passenger Transport Division of Hungarian State Railways Co. into a separate company with over 7000 employees. The Passenger Transport Company operates 3226 vehicles of which it owns 801, while the rest are leased from MÁV Co. Its task is the fast improvement of the services in connection with passenger transportation, for example the development of suburban transportation, the introduction of the timetables accommodating the most to the travel patterns as extensively as possible, installation of ticket machines, which have successfully been operating on several railway stations, on further stations, improvement of passenger information and certainly the modernization of the passenger vehicle fleet.

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MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Railway Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Co.

logo mav gepeszetMÁV-GÉPÉSZET Railway Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Co. has started its operation on 1 January 2008. The basic activities of the company are full maintenance, repair and modernization of railway rolling stock. These activities are carried out by a network of repair centers situated all over the country, including the Northern and Szolnok Railway Vehicle Maintenance centers. In both centers full maintenance of locomotives, bogies and electric engines are carried out. Besides these, there are seven "regional maintenance centers" that deliver regular maintenance and small and medium repairs. There are a little bit more than 5000 employees at the company.

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MÁV-TRAKCIÓ Railway Traction Co.

logo trakcio

As of 1 January 2008, MÁV Co. organized its traction operations into a separate company, MÁV-TRAKCIÓ Railway Traction Private Company Limited by Shares. The new company took over the employees of the parent company who had worked in the traction sector, a total of some 5,100 people.
MÁV-TRAKCIÓ Railway Traction Private Company Limited by Shares performs passenger and freight transport related traction and shunting activities at the demand of railway passenger transport providers (amongst them MÁV-START Co.), freight transport providers (amongst them MÁV Cargo Co. and CER Co.) and infrastructure operators (e.g. MÁV Co. Railway Infrastructure Division) in addition to Záhony-Port Co.

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

RCH logo ujAs a member of the Rail Cargo Austria group, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is part of the second largest rail forwarding company in Europe. In cooperation with our parent company, we command a fleet of approximately 10 thousand wagons continuously at the service of our clients. We transport more than 10 million tons of goods in 150 thousand trains annually, performing the bulk of the forwarding tasks with our own fleet of 20 locomotives.

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GySEV Zrt.

logo gysev

GySEV is a railway company under Austro-Hungarian ownership. Current ownership structure: Hungary: 65.6%; Repulic of Austria: 28.2%; STRABAG SE: 6.1%
The Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt. is called Raab–Oedenburg–Ebenfurter Eisenbahn AG in German, Raaberbahn AG in short. The railway company's Hungarian headquarters is in Sopron, its Austrian is in Vienna, and has an Austrian branch in Wulkaprodersdorf.

Last year, the company had a total of 5 million 8 thousand passengers. 2011 has seen a change in previous trends: since that year there has been a continuous rise in the number of passengers: compared to the same time last year almost 6% by August and 7.5% by October more people traveled with the trains of GySEV.

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GySEV Cargo Zrt.

Logo GYSEV-CARGOGYSEV CARGO Zrt. has been created by the Gyõr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt. based on the decision of the Competition Directorate General of the European Union relating to the privatization fusion control of MÁV Cargo, as well as the commitment of the Republic of Hungary and the Republic of Austria as owners of GYSEV Zrt.
GYSEV CARGO Zrt. is a legally independent company engaged in railway goods transport and has been carrying out the railway goods transport and logistics activities of GYSEV Zrt. operating in an integrated form since the beginning of 2011.
Within its scope of activities, it assumes a significant role on the one hand in the conventional and combined market segment of east-west and north-south European transit railway goods transport and, on the other hand, in Hungarian and Austrian railway transport of imported and exported goods.

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kozgepThe first predecessor of KÖZGÉP Construction and Metal Structure Manufacturing Company was founded in 1921, following the end of the First World War. During the past
90 years, the core activities of the company were production and installation of steel structures. The company was transferred into a share company after the transformation into
a new regime, in 1994. The portfolio of the company was extended significantly as of 2004, thus motorway, railway, public utilities and environmental investments are also part of
the company's activities today.
KÖZGÉP Company possesses 7989 sq. meter steel manufacturing and assembly halls, and a closed anti-corrosion hall, the production capacity is more than 10 000 t/year.

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CER Hungary Co.

logo CER HUNGARY ZRTCER Hungary Central European Railway Cargo, Trading and Services Privately Held Company Limited by Shares (hereinafter CER Hungary Co.) was established in 2004 for the purpose of railway freight forwarding. CER Hungary Co. is a company with a seat in Budapest managed by a highly qualified staff with outstanding domestic and international contacts. CER Hungary Co. started operations on April 15, 2005.
CER Hungary Co. is engaged in railway freight forwarding in closed train system, in inland, export-, import- and transit traffic.

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AWT Rail Hu Zrt.

logo AWT RGBOur Hungarian company, AWT RAIL HU Zrt. has been offering rail transport services and railway siding operations in Hungary since 2010. It also benefits from the support of AWT Group, being one of the largest private railway freight operators in Europe with 60 years experience.
The main activity of AWT RAIL HU is railway freight transport. The Company offers railway services of high quality at competitive prices. Its trains run in all Hungarian regions, and its international agreements with railway operators of the neighboring countries allow the continuous and optimal organizing of freight transportation in export, import and transit.

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Metrans (Danubia), a.s.

metransWe provide full range of all-in just-in-time intermodal rail-road transportation services operating own shuttle trains with cargo in maritime containers to / from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary connecting this territory by rail with major European ports, including HAMBURG, BREMERHAVEN,ROTTERDAM and DUISBURG, or southbound rail connection to KOPER, Trieste, Rijeka with network of own container terminals and depots, including railway hubPRAGUE Uhřineves, the largest and the most sophisticated container terminal in Central Europe.

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Kisvasutak Baráti Köre Egyesület

logo KBKThe association was founded in 1944.
The association's aims are:
• To stop the lessening of narrow tracked railways, preserving the technically significant elements, ensuring economical and environmental goals
• Publicizing small railways of Hungarian and the Carpathian Basin
• For the above goals the associations examines the state of these railways, researches its history, protects its vehicles, technological memories, uncovers the manufacturer's stories and keeps the relevant documentation.
• The associations catalogs and examines the materials found with private collectors. Publishes said materials, makes it available for the public, possibly in the form of a permanent exhibition
The association's tasks are:
• Pursues cooperation with all foundations, associations, clubs, institutions and organizations involved in rail sector, and the operators and managers of narrow tracked railways.
• In order to complete the tasks it organizes courses, lectures, professional gathering

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KompLEx TrenIng Kft.

logo komplextreningThe Komplex Trening Education and Service Ltd. was established in 2007 with the aim to provide assistance for railway companies and other organizations operating industrial tracks in Hungary. Today the list of our clients includes several railways, factories with own sidings, maintenance centers, repair workshops.

In recent years Komplex Trening Ltd., as an accredited adult education centre, has attained a market leader position in railway education among non-associated service providers in Hungary. The experts trained by our company represent reliable workforce in various fields of railway and we also provide them with regular post-graduate training to remain updated.

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MÁV Nosztalgia Kft.

logo mavnosztalgiaMÁV NOSTALGIA Tourism, Trading and Services Ltd. is a joint venture of the Hungarian State Railways, MÁV Rt. and Intertraverz Rt. Our goal is to offer special services, which can expand and enhance the choices you can offer your clients.
The main activity of MÁV NOSTALGIA Ltd. is the organization of nostalgic railway trips on restored vintage trains. We have nearly 80 different types of vehicles, all of historic interest, and some well known throughout Europe. They are available for hire both for domestic use and international travel.
Our tourist programs start from Budapest and travel to the most popular tourist centers around the country. Experience train run all around the year, steam hauled trains runs to Danube Bend and to Esztergom from spring till autumn.

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Stadler Trains Magyarország Kft.

logo stadler ung 4fStadler Hungary Kft. supports sales and local marketing, and has its offices in Budapest. This unit is also responsible for the ¬service centre in Pusztaszabolcs, which carries out both the maintenance of the FLIRT fleet of the ¬Hungarian State Railway MAV, as well as third-party orders.

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Vasútvillamosító Kft.

logo vasutvillVasútvill LLC is a legal successor to a state owned MÁV subsidiary established in 1949 and has currently more than 600 employees. The company is specialized in constructing 25kV/50Hz/1 phase overhead lines for railways. Our business profile includes design, construction, maintenance, renovation and modification. Beyond the aforementioned we also undertake other works generally associated with such projects, like isolating overhead lines while working on railway structures. Our company has experiences in installing overhead line equipment such as electric train heating points-heating, auxiliary transformers and transformer stations as well as in establishing perimeter lighting systems and laying down optic cables. Our company has state-of-the-art technical equipment at its disposal, including OHLE maintenance vehicles, concreting vehicles, rail cranes and cars, for delivering high quality works.

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logo zahonyportThe company's principal activity is transshipping cargo arriving from the Commonwealth of Independent States and countries beyond via Ukraine border crossing stations (Csop–Záhony and Batyevo–Eperjeske) in cars on broad gauge (1520 mm) railway into standard (1435 mm) gauge cars. In addition, we also offer connecting logistic services, road transport transloading services, warehousing, shipping and customs services to our customers.

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Zsuzsi Erdei Vasút Nonprofit Kft.

logo zsuzsilogo wapZSUZSI Erdei Vasút is the 130-year-old cultural commemoration of the Council of Debrecen. The train is operated by the ZSUZSI Erdei Vasút Nonprofit company, which is a subsidiary of DKV, Transport company of Debrecen.

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