Ms. Ilona Dávid, President-Director General of MAV Hungarian State Railways has been elected as President of HUNGRAIL

On 6 July 2016 the General Assembly of HUNGRAIL Hungarian Rail Association elected Ms. Ilona Dávid, President-Director General of MAV Hungarian State Railways, member of the Management Committees of CER and UIC, as new president of the association.

Ms. Ilona Dávid who felt honoured to receive her new position, accepted the role of president after Mr. László Mosóczi. He held the position for 5 years, then Mr. Mosóczi had been appointed Deputy State Secretary for Transport of the Ministry of National Development of Hungary. HUNGRAIL represents 100% of the rail passenger market, and 90% of the rail freight market. The aim of the new President is to increase this rate by helping companies improving the quality of rail services.

After the General Assembly President Ms. Ilona Dávid explained that one of her main objectives is to encourage a railway policy that could contribute to reduce the labour shortage in the railway sector, to improve the reputation of professionals in the railway sector, and to remove railway infrastructure bottlenecks. HUNGRAIL hopes that the Ministry of National Development – with which HUNGRAIL has already a strategic cooperation agreement – will be a supportive partner of the new President in her ambitious plans. HUNGRAIL believes that the former president Mr. László Mosóczi will further take an active role in settling railway related issues on government level.

„There is a need for an effective railway representation. In our country there are more than 40 registered companies in Hungary providing rail services, and they all contribute to rail passenger and rail freight activities worth of hundreds of billions of Forints. These operators are in strong competition with road transport. There is nearly no rail logistics area, which isn't in a fragile situation by the road transport. Today the representation of railways with multiple actors cannot be envisaged on the liberalized railway market without active participation of railway undertakings ", added the new President of HUNGRAIL, Ms.Ilona Dávid.

Ms. Ilona Dávid as the President of GYSEV and MAV plays a significant role in representing the Hungarian rail on international level. As the president of HUNGRAIL she will be able to continue this activity more dynamically.

This year HUNGRAIL Hungarian Rail Association has the honour to host the G4 General Directors Meeting in Budapest on 28 – 29 September 2016, with the aim to harmonize the development of railways in the area between the Danube and the Adriatic. After a successful event in 2014, HUNGRAIL will organize the CEE FUTURAIL international conference on 8-9 November 2016 again where key actors of the rail freight sector and CEOs of ports, terminals and operators of the Central European Region will meet to discuss the most significant issues of the region. HUNGRAIL has started to prepare for the Transport Logistic 2017 international fair, which will be held in Munich.We plan to introduce the overall logistic activities of the Hungarian railway sector at our own exhibition stand.

It is a great privilege for the association that the above mentioned events of great importance are going to be held under the leadership of its new president, Ms. Ilona Dávid.

The strategic goal of HUNGRAIL is to strengthen its negotiating power on international level together with the neighbouring countries’ associations in order to represent the special aspects of the region in the international legislation.

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