Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Together for risk reduction

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One of HUNGRAIL Hungarian Rail Association’s priority aspirations, with professional reasons developed by its committees, with the organization of sector conferences and with extensive cooperation work is to contribute to the development of the rail safety action plan.
Its goal is to find a solution which is acceptable to the entire rail sector, and which can decrease the risks of dangerous cargo freight, while considering competitive aspects and obligations from international regulations.

On the 1. February 2013, HUGNRAIL’s Dangerous Goods Ad Hoc Committee was formed, with Dr. Gábor Rácz, Head of Department at the Ministry of National Development as its president. With this the preparations for the rail safety action plan continued. The professionals will determine how the activities of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management (OKF) could best fit into the activities of the rail cargo freight, without harming the freight system. The Committee examined the framework of the action plan, determined the necessary materials and tasks. According to the recognized timing, the program will be presented to the Ministry of National development at the beginning of summer. According to the plans HUNGRAIL, cooperating with the Ministry of National Development will develop the program for the rail safety weeks.

Members of HUNGRAIL are supporting a solution that is acceptable to all parties, and which will set the same requirements for water, road and rail freight in terms of dangerous cargo freight, while not risking the competitiveness of the last.
We are convinced, that with the right regulatory environment dangerous cargo is carried in safety on the Hungarian railroad network. There were no accidents related to the freight of dangerous cargo with any serious consequences to the health of people or the environment in Hungary in the past years. The occurring consequences were not a result of the dangerous nature of the cargo, but of other mechanical problems.

HUNGRAIL already organized a professional symposium at the end of October 2012 on the issues of rail safety, with Zoltán Schváb, Deputy State Secretary of Transport as its patron. Participants of the conference included parties involved in the increase of dangerous cargo freight, such as governmental, regulatory and administrative organizations, including the Ministry of National Development, the National Transport Authority and specialist of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management.

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