Fourth Railway Package

EU for better quality, a working structure

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European Committee: the 4th package on rail related legislations in underway
On the 30 January 2013, the European Committee has announced an extensive act, from which it expects an increase in the quality of European railway services and expansion of its selection. According to the Committee the majority of European rail markets is currently stagnating or declining. Recognizing the untenable nature of the situation the Committee recommended deeply penetrating measures, which will help the advance of rail developments of the European Union with opening the EU’s internal passenger transport market, and with related technical and structural reforms. The most important recommendations are summarized below:

One-windowed administration
The committee wishes to decrease the administrative expenses of railway companies, and to ease the entrance of new players onto the market. For that ERA was transformed into a “one-windowed” administrative office and will have the right to issue vehicle registrations and operator safety certificates valid in the entire of the EU. The said measures will result in a 20-20% decrease in the time entering a new market for railway companies, and the time and cost vehicle registration process. All of this would result in 500 million worth of savings for companies by 2025.

According to the Committee’s recommendations, as of December 2019 all internal passenger transport markets will open for new entrants and services.

Independent infrastructure
In order to ensure reasonable access to rail infrastructure independent operators of the railroad network must work efficiently and without discrimination, and must help the goals of the development of a truly European network by cooperating at EU level. The Committee finds it practical, that rail network operators are operationally and financially independent from train operators. In the meantime the Committee accepts a vertically integrated holding company structure that can ensure adequate independence, if it in immovable borderlines guarantee the necessary legal, financial and operational separation.

Protection for the employees
The committee considers educated and motivated manpower as an indispensable part of the railway sector’s blooming. In a changing and more intensive competitive environment, under the guidelines of the European Union regulations member states will have the opportunity to protect their employees, with insisting on the transfer of staff if the public service contracts are handed over to an other railway company.

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