• To contribute to sustainable development of the competitiveness of the rail transport industry.
  • To aid members of the Hungarian rail market to comply with the rail policies, regulations and other requirements of the European Union.
  • To represent the mutual professional interests of the industry, to nurse the professional and social relationships of members.
  • To participate in raising awareness regarding scientific research related to the rail sector.
  • To contribute to the industry’s environmentally sound operations and health protection.
  • To organize volunteer programs in order to reach the association’s goals.
  • To utilize the tools of the civil organization in order to protect and represent the members’ rail related interests, may they be business or other organizations.
  • In order to realize our goals, we cooperate with all state, social and economical organizations, associations and unions.


Goals Mission

HUNRAIL Hungarian Rail Association holds it as its mission to support the continuous development of the Hungarian rail sector, to increase its competitiveness and safety. For that it helps the harmonization of EU and Hungarian legislations on the rail sector, nurses its connections with political decision makers, representatives of the sector related politics, sector persons and civilian organizations. Uniformly represents the Hungarian rail cargo freight, carrier and goods-owner companies.

With its professional suggestions and opinions the Association helps the development of environmentally sound freight supporting measures, and the improvement of competitive conditions of the rail transport and freight against the road. Advocates for the expansion of intermodal logistic solutions. With its memberships in international, especially European professional organizations it ensures the visibility, representation and voice Hungarian rail companies and their interests.

With the use of its vast knowledge, HUNGRAIL supports the extensive modernization of railways and the upgrading of rail infrastructure, contributing to the improvement of all members of the society, and all sectors of the Hungarian economy.

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