Ilona Dávid 

President of HUNGRAIL Hungarian Rail Association, President-CEO of MÁV, President of GYSEV

"Our Association breaths with the Hungarian rail sector, we feel it is our duty to solve its urgent problems. Our public organization has such a large pool of knowledge, that must be used for the Hungarian railway."




Imre Kovács

Chairman of the Board at Rail Cargo Hungaria

"HUNGRAIL’s engagement is necessary in the railway sector, since it acts as a stable bridge between railway companies and political persons and international organizations. With its goals, its endeavors for the development of the Hungarian rail sector, our company entirely identifies and will remain as a constructive partner in resolving matters. HUNGRAIL will act with the same consistency and success as before in the current tasks of the rail sector."


László Horváth

President of CER Hungary

"I believe the most important advantage of the new format is that it is now possible to cooperate with organizations that were not possible before. From HUNGRAIL, as an association, I expect to handle the problems, that when resolved will result in an increase in the interoperability of the Hungarian rail network, improvement in the quality of services and increase in competitiveness against other transport sectors."


Zoltán Dunai

Country Director of Stadler Rail Group

"For Stadler it is important, to have adequate representation and support for the Hungarian rolling-stock vehicle manufacturing. We think, HUNGRAIL can make this possible, that is why we decided on joining. Even though, currently rail cargo freight companies are the majority of members, we hope that following our example other vehicle manufacturers will recognize the benefits of membership."

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